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Audition Day FAQ

Click here for a general schedule for audition day

How long is the audition?

7-20 minutes, depending on the instrument.

Are there practice rooms available to warm-up in before the audition?


What is the Basic Musicianship Test?

The Basic Musicianship Test is a 5-7 minute test taken one-on-one with a faculty member on the audition day.

Prepare to take the Basic Musicianship Test by reviewing the following: 

  • Listening to a short melody and matching the pitches
  • Listening to a rhythm and clapping the same rhythm
  • Looking at musical notation on a staff and clapping the rhythm
  • Looking at the key signature and identifying the key
  • Looking at and naming musical notes on a staff
  • Looking at and singing musical notes on a staff
Do you provide accompanists for vocalists?

Accompanists are provided by the School of Music.

Can I accompany myself for my voice audition?

No. For commercial voice auditions, students will have a piano accompanist for their classical piece. Students may choose to use a piano accompanist (provided by the School of Music) or a backing track to perform their commercial pieces.

As a vocalist, how do I get my accompanist music if I’m coming for an in-person audition?

Bring your music with you to the audition in the proper key because they will not transpose or improvise. Students may bring a hard copy of his/her music with cuts clearly marked.

When and how will I receive my School of Music decision?

Once a student completes his or her university application, he or she will receive a decision letter sent in the mail 3-4 weeks after the in-person, or video audition submission.  Musical Theatre decision letters will be sent in mid-December and mid-March.

For Musical Theatre auditions, should I bring dance clothes?

Yes. Please bring comfortable, non-movement restrictive dance clothes to change into. Character or Jazz shoes are preferred and tennis shoes are acceptable.  No need to bring tap shoes.

Can I audition with a song I wrote?

No original songs permitted.

Do you provide campus tours?

Yes – campus tours will be available on audition day.

Is there a parent program?

Yes – there is a parent program that parents are welcome to attend while students are auditioning.

How long does audition day go?

This varies depending on the volume of students who register. Students should prepare to spend the day at Belmont and flights should be booked after 5pm to ensure enough time for audition and travel.

Do you provide feedback on auditions?


Do you provide amps and pedals for guitarists?


What’s the dress code?

Performance attire.