B.A. in Motion Pictures


General Education Core Requirements                                          58


MOT 4015 Senior Capstone Seminar (3) Counted in Gen Ed Core


Major Requirements                                                              


Required Motion Pictures Foundation Courses                             25


MOT 1010

Cinematic Storytelling

MOT 2010

Film History I – Lumiere to Cassavetes

MOT 2020

Film History II – Cassavetes to Now

MOT 2110

Short Film Analysis & Writing

MOT 2000

Motion Picture Directing I

MOT 2000

Production I – Storytelling

MOT 2000

Production I – The Crafts (4 hours)

ETP 3000

Foundations in Entrepreneurship


Motion Pictures Electives (select 5 courses from the following)    15


MOT 2150

Feature Screenplay Analysis

MOT 2000

Feature Screenwriting I

MOT 2000

Feature Screenwriting II

MOT 3000

Camera: Lighting and Choreography

MOT 3000

Production II -- Narrative and Documentary

MOT 2000


MOT 4000

Writing for Television

MOT 1895

The Media Makers (Special Topics)


Minor (Outside of Motion Pictures)                                                18


General Electives                                                                               12


Total Hours                                                                                        128

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