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About the Program

About the Motion Pictures Program

Understanding the fundamentals of filmmaking is as important in the Internet age as understanding the written word was in the age of the printing press.

The name "Motion Pictures" is simple and all-encompassing:   movies, television, cell phone movies, cinema history, docs, features, everything in between and out there on the edges.

Bill McDonald, head of the UCLA film school, put it perfectly:

"We train students to fiercely articulate a clear, unique idea and to guide that idea through the most collaborative process for making art ever invented by humankind. In what field of human endeavor will it not be an advantage for our students to understand how to lead a group of collaborators through a complex series of steps, moving as a unit toward a common goal, in an efficient and cost effective way?"

That's something worth learning. We hope you'll agree. Apply now!

Motion Pictures BFA

BU4UBecause the process of taking a story from concept to completion will be the foundation for everything you do, the Motion Pictures major covers writing, editing, producing, directing movies & actors, location sound recording, cinematography, post production and distribution.

As faculty are industry professionals who do this for a living, you won't have questions that an instructor can't answer. Real world, professional criticism is the key to student growth--always focusing on the work, not the person.

As a Motion Pictures major, you also will benefit enormously from study abroad, internships in Nashville, and the Los Angeles internship program, Belmont in Hollywood.

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