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Learn About Veteran Students Just Like You

  • Danielle Rivera Nichols, student veteran
    Danielle Rivera Nichols, U.S. Air Force
    Danielle Rivera Nichols
    Danielle Rivera Nichols served as Senior Airman during her five years in the Air Force..
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  • Nate Firestone, student veteran
    Nate Firestone, U.S. Marines
    Nate Firestone
    Nate Firestone served as a corporal in the United States Marine Corps. After serving for more than four years, injuries he sustained in the line of duty forced a medical separation from service. Nate is now pursuing his degree and entrepreneurial aspirations at Belmont.
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  • Amanda Rogers, student veteran
    Amanda Rogers, U.S. Navy
    Amanda Rogers
    Amanda Rogers served in active duty for 10 years as a Navy Corpsman. Amanda has served all over the world and is working toward her nursing degree at Belmont.
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  • Brad Beardsley, student veteran
    Brad Beardsley, U.S. Army
    Brad Beardsley
    Brad Beardsley served on active duty for 12 years in the U.S. Army. Brad deployed to multiple countries during his service in the infantry and later in psychological operations.
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