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Barbara Ward, M.S.


Ms. Barbara Ward joined the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science at Belmont University in 1998.  She has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Mathematics from Vanderbilt University and a Master of Arts degree in Mathematics, with a concentration in Statistics, from the University of Memphis.

Ms. Ward began her professional career at IBM as a Systems Engineer.  During her time at IBM she wrote and installed software for all types of business environments. She is currently an Assistant Professor and serves as the Coordinator of Statistics for the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science.  Her research interests include the assessment of undergraduate students' attitudes toward mathematics and the effectiveness of web enhanced statistics courses. Ms. Ward particularly enjoys teaching probability and statistics as well as working with students who are completing undergraduate research projects.

Outside of work Ms. Ward is an avid sailor and has travelled in the US and abroad competing in regattas with her family. She spends her summers teaching sailing and training sailing coaches. She loves anything having to do with the outdoors, especially if it involves water and boats.

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