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Every student should strongly consider having an internship, study abroad, or summer research experience during their undergraduate education. The American Mathematical Society (AMS) maintains a list of internship opportunities, many of which would be good opportunities for a mathematics or computer science student. The National Security Agency also has a number of internship programs in mathematics and computer science.

Here are some examples of our students' Internships:

Cruze Goodin, a junior Computer Science major, is working as an IT Intern at Tractor Supply Company in Nashville, TN.

Tina Sharma, a 2015 double major in Applied Discrete Mathematics and Economics, has had several internships during her time at Belmont. Tina is currently working in the Nashville Mayor's office as an Innovation Intern. This has involved creating and organizing an open data plan for the city of Nashville.  Tina also was a Legislative Intern in Congressman Jim Cooper's office and a Policy Intern at the Tennessee Immigrant and Refugee Rights Coalition. Tina also serves on the Board of Directors of the Nashville International Center for Empowerment

Marlee Stevenson
, a 2015 double major in Computer Science and Audio Engineering Technology, had several internships in both areas. Marlee's Computer Science internships included Web Development Intern at United Methodist Communications, Software Development Intern at Emma, Inc., and Software Development Intern at Digital Reasoning

Kevin Huber 
graduated in 2015 with a degree in Mathematics. Kevin had the following internships while at Belmont: Automation Engineer Intern at Arbor Healthcare; Retail Development Intern at Delek US Holdings; Technology Intern at United Methodist Communications

Tena Percy graduated in 2015 with a degree in Computer Science. Tena interned at BNY Mellon in Nashville as a Cloud Engineering Intern and was also a Data Analyst Intern at NextGxDx, Inc.

Annie Brunelle
, a 2015 Mathematics major, is a recipient of a Casualty Actuaries of the Southeast (CASE) scholarship for the 2014-15 academic year. CASE offers two scholarships per year to college students in the southeast to encourage them to become future actuaries.  Annie also completed an internship this past summer with UNUM Group in Chattanooga, TN. UNUM is ranked in the Fortune 500's top companies.  Annie worked as an actuary in the A&H VB Pricing Department, doing data analysis, model creation, and prediction of policy persistency rates. At the end of her internship, UNUM flew the actuarial interns to Portland, ME for a day of interviews with top company executives.  Annie was awarded a full-time position within UNUM's Actuarial Development Program (ADP), to begin after graduation from Belmont in May.

Mary Li Yang, a senior Mathematics major, has been working as an Actuarial Intern at Direct General Insurance for three years.  Mary assists the actuarial team in production, updating and reconciliation of reports.

Victoria Lim, a junior with a double major in Chemistry and Mathematics, is a recipient of one of the 2013 Society of Chemical Industry (SCI) Scholarships.  Vickie interned with Croda, Inc. in Edison, NJ.  The 10-week program, with a stipend of $6300, involved "working in a world-class product laboratory with Croda Applications and Product Claims scientists to formulate and evaluate the effectiveness of prototype personal care products containing Croda ingredients. She gained expertise in formulating skin care cosmetics and in hair care product claim methodologies such as scanning electron microscopy; measuring hair fiber tensile and hair fatigue strength; and analyzing dynamic mechanical colorimetry and calorimetry. Internship work results in a future co-authorship in a personal care industry trade magazine."

Kevin Crowl, a 2013 Belmont graduate, was a Web Designer at Moovers and Shakers in Nashville, TN.

Cory Hughes, a 2012 Belmont graduate, was an Information Technology intern at Jackson National Life Insurance Company during 2012. 

Trevor Hinesley, a 2012 Belmont graduate, interned at Intero Alliance LLC while at Belmont.  Trevor programmed web applications using Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, and other programs.

Matthew Lefavor, a 2011 Belmont graduate, interned at the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center during the summer of 2010. Matthew developed a system of Python utilities for aggregating and trending historical telemetry data generated by the Sample Analysis at Mars instrument suite to make predictions about the long-term health of its various technical systems.

Hank Carter, a 2010 Belmont graduate, interned at The Nexus Group, Inc. in 2009.  Hank’s worked focused on security policies and the company’s security needs.

Heather Ellis Pickard, a 2010 Belmont graduate, was a Technology Hardware Assistant at the Tennessee Baptist Convention in 2008; had an Infrastructure Design and Certification Co-Op at Shaw Industries in 2008; and worked as a Cyber Security Intern at the Tennessee Valley Authority in 2009.

Allison Carrier, a 2009 Belmont graduate, was a Graphic and Web Design Intern at Comp.Nation during 2008; Allison also was a Graphic Design Intern at Emma, LLC in 2009.