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Daniel Biles, Ph.D.


After obtaining my Ph.D. in mathematics from Vanderbilt University, I worked at Nichols Research Corporation in Huntsville, Alabama from 1986 to 1989.  After that, I moved to Western Kentucky University and served 19 years.  I joined the faculty at Belmont in the fall of 2008.  I love being here and being part of the Christian tradition of Belmont and its devotion to students. I believe God brought me to Belmont and wants me to share the mathematical skills he gave me with others, and it is a joy to do so.

My research interests are in differential equations, and anything related to differential equations, such as measure theory and set-valued analysis.  I've taught most every course in the standard college mathematics curriculum, from remedial mathematics up to directing master's theses.  It doesn't matter to me as long as it's math!

Outside of school, I enjoy spending time with my wife Christy, our little dog Sophie and our two rabbits, Maggie and Joey.  I like reading non-fiction, following the Oakland Athletics, following the stock market and trying to be healthy and fit.

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