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Bill Hooper, Ph.D.


I am a Tennessee native, with a diploma from Gallatin High School in 1975 and a Ph.D. from Vanderbilt University in 1988. (An A.B. from Dartmouth College, in 1979, was mere youthful wandering.) I taught my first course at Belmont in 1988, and after a year at The MITRE Corporation (more wandering) I settled in to build my career here. I love teaching at Belmont because I love middle Tennessee, I love learning along with my students, and I love working among the kind and decent people here.

My doctoral research was in performance evaluation, a reflection of my continuing fascination with the way machines interact with people and with each other. Following the needs and interests of my students, I have developed moderate competence in computer architecture, operating systems, graph theory, combinatorics, and artificial intelligence, and moderate hypertension* maintaining a zoo of Windows, Macintosh and Linux computers.

If you have more questions about me or about Computer Science at Belmont, feel free to browse my web site. You will find links to the courses I teach, the projects I'm working on, and several ways (email, phone, instant message) to contact me.

I would like to contact Dr. Hooper.