Living a Better Story

growth and purpose for sophomores - living a better story

Welcome to a life-changing experience!

How Living a Better Story works:

  • Stop by the Sophomore Transitions Center (2nd floor, Library) by August 29. 
  • In return for a signed commitment card (available at the STE), you’ll get your Living a Better Story packet, which includes your cash ($5, $10 or $20) and further instructions. 
  • You’ll have 21 days to take the cash, pray, meditate, research, brainstorm and then use the money to make something happen in your life and the life of someone in need. 
  • We’ll give you lots of suggestions and ideas, but really, it’s entirely up to you how to put the money to use.
  • Since this is something all sophomores will be doing, we’ll be collecting stories throughout the 21 days—online and in person in a variety of formats.  Those of you enrolled in Comm 1100 might even have the opportunity to present your story in a speech.
  • On Wednesday, September 21, at 10 a.m., we’ll gather in Neely to share our stories with each other in a unique celebration of this journey.
  • Follow others and their stories on the Living a Better Story blog.
  • E-mail livingabetterstory[at]belmont.edu to submit your story!

More Information

David Sneed, Director of the Sophomore Year Experience

Micah Weedman, Director of Outreach, University Ministries
Micah.weedman[at]belmont.edu or x6419

To submit your story to the blog, E-mail livingabetterstory[at]belmont.edu

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