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Multimedia Hall

Multimedia Hall

The Multimedia Hall seats 135 people and can be used for multimedia presentations for Belmont classes and other faculty and staff supported groups.

Operational Procedures

  • Reserve the Multimedia Hall by contacting Christa Haeck in Conference Services: call 460-6786; or .
  • If you have not received training on the Multimedia Hall equipment, contact the library director, Dr. Ernest Heard for training: call 460-5572; or .
  • If you have received the training from Dr. Heard, bring along your hand-out at your scheduled time. It contains directions, useful phone numbers and troubleshooting tips that may come in handy once you're in front of your group. <Training Notes in PDF>
  • Pick up the MMH keys from the Circulation Desk. (The larger key unlocks the MMH door, and the smaller key unlocks all the compartments of the podium.) Unlock the left door to the MMH. Inside the room, there will be a light switch on your right; punch the top button to bring on the lights.

Available Equipment

  • Lapel Microphone
  • Laser Pointer
  • Personal computer with CD-ROM, floppy, and ZIP drives
  • Projection System
  • Document Camera
  • Laptop setup capabilities with Ethernet cable
  • Slide Projector
  • Videocassette Player Disk Player for CDs, DVDs, and Video Disks