2014 Belmont Law Review Symposium

Health Care in the Balance: Weighing Competing Interests in Health Care Law

Health care law involves some of the most fundamental questions about our national values, public policy, and ethics. Our 2014 Symposium seeks to address those issues through exploring discrete areas of health care law that require a balancing of competing interests. For instance, health care law requires a balancing of costs and quality of health care and a balancing of individual freedom and equality. Presenters are being asked to choose a discrete, particular area of health care law and explore the competing interests at play.  

This year's Annual Symposium will be held on Friday, October 17, 2014, at the Baskin Center, home of Belmont University College of law.  To register for the 2014 Symposium, please complete the symposium registration form and email it to or mail a hard copy to Belmont Law Review, Attn: Professor Jeffrey Usman, 1900 Belmont B.vd. Nashville, TN 37212.  For additional inquiries regarding the 2014 Symposium, please contact the Symposium Editor, Spencer Green, at