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Naoko Ozaki

Naoko Ozaki

Dr. Naoko Ozaki
, a native of Japan, teaches Japanese and general education courses at Belmont University. She came to the United States at the age of sixteen. After graduating from high school, she obtained her B.A. in Near Eastern Studies at the University of Arizona as well as M.A. in Language Education and Ph.D. in Literacy, Culture, and Language Education with minor in Near Eastern Languages and Cultures at Indiana University Bloomington.

At Belmont University, Dr. Ozaki helps students learn the Japanese language and cultures in various ways. In 2012-2013 year, she took her students to Cherry Blossom Festival where Belmont Japanese language students sang a well-known Japanese song and a fun Swahili song that they translated into Japanese. The audience sang along and Belmont’s Japan Club made its debut in the local Japanese community. Dr. Ozaki’s students have been meeting with local Japanese people on a weekly basis in order to improve their Japanese language skills. At the end of the semester, students cooked several popular Japanese dishes together. Dr. Ozaki travels to Japan with students on Belmont’s Maymester trip. In 2013, students went to her hometown and spent two days with local host families. These students say that they made lifetime friends with their new families through this experience.

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