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Mitch McCoy

Mitch McCoy

Mitch McCoy developed an interest in languages other than English very early in childhood.  Before dedicating himself to his work in Spanish language, culture and literature, he earned a law degree from Cumberland School of Law at Samford University and worked in the insurance industry.  However, the changing demographic landscape, a fondly remembered study abroad experience and a desire to teach others motivated him to pursue his doctorate in Spanish literature at the University of Georgia.  While immersed in the study of Hispanic literatures at the University of Georgia in Athens, he served as a mentor for undergraduates participating in study abroad programs in Spain and Argentina.  In addition to teaching an array of language, literature and culture courses at Belmont University, Mitch is collaborating with departmental colleagues to help develop Spanish language courses designed for students pursuing the disciplines of medicine, law, business and social work.

Mitch’s dissertation investigates the diversity of spiritual thinking in Sixteenth-century religious dialogues and how those dialogues shaped societal ideas about authority, fear and tolerance.  He is continuing to investigate writers of dialogues with an interest in understanding how the dialogue was employed as a pedagogical tool to foster genuine discussion and inquiry into the significances of what it means to be human.

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Office: WAC 3071