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Telecommunications Services

Telecommunications provides the campus with the following services:
  1. Phone services (local, long distance, 800)
  2. Voicemail services (for faculty and staff only)
  3. Cable TV services (including channel 3 announcements)
  4. Infrastructure services (copper and fiber)
  help   Getting Help:

If you need assistance please call x6059 or x6498 for staff and faculty.  Students please call x6214 and leave a message. For all other Telecommunicationds needs please contact your Residence Hall Director.


Voicemail Assistance

1. To transfer directly to Voicemail box

        Press the transfer key Dial 5400 Enter * (to back out of logging on to your mbx)  

        Enter * + ext. number + # , then press transfer again

2. When calling long distance

       Enter the # key directly after the number to enter code

3. To skip to end of a message  enter the # key

4. To skip greeting pres the 1 key