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Web Policy

A. Policies

  1. Belmont University will maintain a home page at the address www.belmont .edu. The primary purpose of this page is to serve as the gateway to Belmont University on the World Wide Web and to guide browsers to the information they seek about Belmont. The Belmont University Home Page will lead to further levels of pages, which will include links to all academic and administrative departments.
  2. The Office of Image Resources is responsible for the Belmont University Home Page and subsequent levels of college pages, until such point as another office or individual is designated as the responsible party.
  3. The college has set up two addresses and designated two people to be responsible for the Belmont University Web site: webeditor@belmont .edu (the Director of College Relations) and webmaster@belmont .edu (the Director of Networks and Systems in Information Technology Services. All queries sent to either address will go to both. One or the other will respond to the query or route it to someone else for a response.
  4. All college pages will include an identification ("webauthor") as to which office and which person is responsible for the information on the pages. This will include pages for academic and administrative offices, departments and programs, as well as student groups and clubs approved by the Dean of Students office.
  5. Personal pages for individuals--including all faculty, currently enrolled students, and staff--are the sole responsibility of the individual authors and are not considered college publications. Individuals will not be allowed to use the two official college symbols (or facsimiles thereof) on their personal pages--the "bar and diamond" logo or the college seal.
  6. When faculty, staff, students and student organizations set up home pages on a college server, they are responsible for both the content and appearance of the page. All students and student organizations will be subject to the policies in the college catalogue ("Announcements for the Academic Year") and the student handbook ("The Red Book") and to the Honor Code and Code of Responsibility. In addition, all pages must adhere to Information Technology Services Acceptible Use Policies as well as all federal, state and local laws, including but not limited to laws pertaining to libel and copyright infringement.
  7. Use of disk space on a Belmont University server and linking to college pages are privileges and not rights, and can be revoked by the college at any time.

B. Procedures

  1. Due to disk space limitations, not all individuals will be allowed to create home pages right away. The order of priority will be: academic and administrative departments, campus organizations, and individuals. The college will also impose disk space limitations on users at first. It is the college's hope that the addition of more hard drive space and other servers around campus will eliminate this initial restriction.
    • The initial limit for academic and administrative departments will be 20 megs of disk space. Since some departments will have need for more space due to graphics files or audio and video clips while other departments may not have as much need, exceptions will be made as long as space still exists. However, if and when a department exceeds 50 megs of space, it will be encouraged to get its own server.
    • Individuals will be limited initially to 1 meg of disk space per person for personal home pages, subject to availability and compliance to guidelines.
  2. University Marketing  will set up design templates for administrative and academic offices. In addition, University Marketing will set up default pages for all academic departments, consisting of information from the college catalogue, and will maintain that information until such time as academic departments take over responsibility for those pages.
  3. Individuals interested in creating their own personal home pages or having any questions or needing any kind of technical support should contact the Technology Services at 460-5471.
  4. Individuals setting up their own servers should know that doing so may create security problems they have not dealt with before. They are advised to call the Networking Services Manager at 460-5448.