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Software Use Policy

Belmont University does not condone any illicit use of software. While the University recognizes that the law concerning legal protection of software is unsettled, if software has been copyrighted and/or received under license, the following will be considered lawful use of that software by someone with legitimate access to a copy.

Making backup copies for one's personal use, even if the software is copy protected.

Configuring the software and making other reasonable modifications specifically designed to fit the software to the user's needs.

Using the software on only one machine at any given time.

Selling or giving the original copy and documentation to another, provided that the transferor keeps no copies whatsoever of either the software or documentation and provides the transferee only with original copies. (This assumes that the copy of the software is owned rather than borrowed or leased)

The following are actions that are considered illicit and may subject the actor to sanctions as deemed appropriate by the University.

Providing copies of copyrighted or licensed software to others while maintaining copies for one's own use, unless there is a specific provision in the license allowing such activity. The activity is forbidden even if the software is provided without cost for an educational purpose.

Using software or documentation known to have been obtained in violation of the copyright law or a valid license provision. Use of a copy of a copyrighted program obtained from another party for which no license exists that allows such a transfer will be presumed to be knowing, and the burden of demonstrating that the use was innocent will rest with user.

Using a copyrighted program on more than one machine at the same time unless a specific license provision permits such activity.