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Electronic Communcations at Belmont

There are several ways to communicate electronically on campus including email and voicemail.   ITS provides a number of facilities on and off campus to support important communications including email and listservs that are available to faculty, staff and students.  Our goal is to tailor communications tools so that the right user will get the right message.    Some web based tools that are available include:

1. Email is how Belmont communicates

- Everyone on campus has an email address.  Email addresses are set up when a person becomes a member of the Belmont community. Users can forward email to off-campus addresses or set up a vacation message.  Email can be accessed through a web browser or through  an email client such as Outlook.  Student email is supported through Google and Faculty/staff exchange email is hosted with Microsoft.

2. MyBelmont- Announcements

- Check the front page of MyBelmont after you sign in.  Important campus announcements are updated on a daily basis.

3. Blackboard classroom email communications

- Blackboard is Belmont's classroom management tool. Within Blackboard faculty and students can post messages within a private electronic classroom. For support contact ACIT, Aimee Cabrera x6699.

 4. Yahoo Listserv Groups

- Yahoo Groups provides listserv for Belmont campus groups. The For Sale group  uses Yahoo Groups as a free listserv for the campus.     For information on setting up a listserv group using Yahoo contact Randall Reynolds at x5471.

 5. Campus Calendar

- Check the daily calendar on MyBelmont and the Campus Calendar to keep up with events.

6. Online resources

- Read the communications blogs and check out Belmont's Facebook page.  Links to important online resources are in MyBelmont.

7. Emergency Messaging System

- Everyone at Belmont receives critical messages through this system in several ways including, email, text messages and by cellphone.