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Web Services

Web Programming Services   (WPS)          

Web Programming ervices is responsible for the management and support of Belmont's web sites, electronic commerce and domain name management for Belmont web sites.    Web Services  works with ITS staff , University Marketing and the Belmont community to ensure a seamless and rich web environment for everyone on campus. 

Web Services manages  the following services for the campus:

1. www.belmont.edu

2. my.belmont.edu

3. blogs.belmont.edu

4. www.bruinsonline.com

Belmont's web site, www.belmont.edu, is managed in  partnership with University Marketing.  Management of the site is governed by the University Marketing Team.  To learn more about Web on campus check out the online forum WeMaster Journal.

Belmont's web site is delivered using a CMS from Hannon Hill Corporation.