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New to Belmont


We are glad you have made Belmont your new home and we know you have technology questions.    Please rest assure that Belmont has a great campus network along with computer labs available for you.  Everyone at Belmont gets an email address right away as well as an account on MyBelmont, Belmont's web portal. 
Below is important information to get you started.  

What kind of computer do I need? Ask your department faculty but generally a standard PC or Macbook will work.  If you are the creative type then you might need more power so spend a bit more to get what you need.
Is there wireless on campus? WIFI is generally available.  We also supply a wired data port in your room.  Scan for RESNET in the dorm and BELMONT everywhere else. 
How can I get a Belmont email address? If you are a student, sign into and your email box will automatically be created. Our student email is supported through Google and the address is your first name and last name followed by An example would be If you are new faculty or staff, please have your department manager contact Network Services at 460-5469. Faculty and Staff email is hosted at Microsoft and provides full Exchange functionality. For more information about email to to the technology web site on
Can I get a discount on a computer? Both Dell and Apple provide small discounts.   Just go to their websites and access the education links. Also, check out MyBelmont for more info.
More questions? Check out the ITS page on MyBelmont that supports technology needs for the Belmont Community.  If you are new to Belmont many of your questions can be answered here.  ALso, Check out AskBU on MyBelmont front page.  Select ASKBU for more help.
Contacts General questions please call 615-460-5471. thanks