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  Massey Computer Lab
Email Account  Setup

All Belmont students are assigned an e-mail address on our server up as soon as the student sets up a MyBelmont account. Generally, the email address for new students consists of the student's first name and last nameand is password-protected.  Sometimes the middle initial and /or a number is added if the address is in use.  We recommend that students check their BIC accounts each day to access campus email and other messages targeted to their particular interests.  The e-mail box is a POP3 mail client and can be opened from any computer with internet access.  Email for students is supported through Google and the web client has the same functionality as gmail.

Faculty and Staff Exchange Help:

1. To change your email password go to outlook.belmont.edu.  Select  Option 2, "Go to my company portal" to change your password

2. We recommend everyone use the sign-in application even to go to the OWA web client.  The sign-in application also sets up Outlook.

3. Exchange Online is a secure email system, so be sure to keep track of all passwords in an encryted file or secure place.

For more information about Exchange Online for faculty and staff please select here.


Student Email Help

Students can access email in three ways----

1. from your MyBelmont account . Select the Gmail icon from the launchpad menu.

2. directly from a web page--   

  • Faculty and Staff can access their Exchange Account at outlook.belmont.edu
  • students https://my.belmont.edu/  GoogleMail Direct link, bottom of page

3. from an Outlook, Netscape or other email client. You have have to set up the server links to receive and send mail

  •  for students see the GoogleMail FAQ for configuration information
  • for staff on campus use outlook.belmont.edu for both incoming and out-going or use Outlook from the desktop