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GoogleMail for Students - FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

We are upgrading our email system for students.  We have partnered with Google so that GMAIL will host our email but we will keep our name.

In other words, your email will STILL BE @pop.belmont.edu.

Will my email address change?

NO, it will be exactly the same even though Google is hosting it.
Ex. smithj@pop.belmont.edu

When will this happen?

On August 4th we will begin delivering email to the new servers.  Continue to check your email as you NORMALLY do UNTIL that date.

 How will I login to the NEW server?

Until August 4th, you will access your new account by using the GoogleMail Preview link in BIC.
After August 4th you will use the Email on the top menu bar in BIC.


Why are you doing this?

Google is offering over 6 gigabytes of storage as well as many other features. At present we are only able to offer 20 megabytes of email storage, that’s 300 times more!


What if I have a special email account that doesn’t have a bic account?

You will still go to BIC at https://bic.belmont.edu and click the link at the bottom of the page that says: GoogleMail Direct

 Can I forward my email to another account?

Yes, you can. Please see Google's documentation:


Can I copy my email from the OLD pop.belmont.edu server to the NEW one?

Yes, however, only email in your INBOX at pop.belmont.edu will be pulled to your NEW server.

In order to pull down mail other folders, log into the OLD server at https://pop.belmont.edu with your email id and password and move any messages you want moved from other folders to your inbox.   After you’ve done this:

  1. Login to BIC at https://bic.belmont.edu and click EMAIL to login to the NEW email server.
  2. Click Settings, then the Accounts Tab.
  3. Under “Get mail from other accounts:” click “Add another mail account”
  4. In the popup box enter your email address@POPOLD.belmont.edu.
    Ex. smithj@popold.belmont.edu.  (It’s important to call it popold.belmont.edu) and Click Next Step.
  5. Enter your EMAIL user id and password. Ex. smithj.
    Enter POP.belmont.edu for the POP Server. Use Port 110.
  6. Check “Leave a copy of retrieved messages on the server”.
  7. Click Add Account.
  8. In the next box click “NO” you don’t want to send mail as popold.belmont.edu.
  9. Click Finish

ONCE we go LIVE AUGUST 4th 2008 AND you’ve pulled your email to the NEW GMAIL server you can delete the OLD pop.belmont.edu account from your GMAIL settings under  Settings, Accounts.

This is because at that time email will no longer go to the old server.


What about security?


Email Security, Availability and Spam



What about privacy?



Can I use an email client such as Outlook Express?

Using IMAP:  http://mail.google.com/support/bin/answer.py?answer=75726&ctx=sibling
Using POP:  http://mail.google.com/support/bin/answer.py?hl=en&answer=12103

Your userid would be userid@pop.belmont.edu.  Use your EMAIL password.


What IS POP and IMAP?



Where can I find out more information and get help?

Google Apps Help Center :Google Apps Help

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Google Apps Email training presentation (6 Minutes)

Google Apps Email Help
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Spam, time, & you: educational video from Google Apps Email (2 Minutes)
So much time, so little spam (2 Minutes)

Calendar Info

Getting Started with Calendar

How to use Google Calendar (7 Minutes)
Google Calendar training presentation (9 Minutes)
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PDA Setup Info

Mobile Phone Setup (5 Minutes)



If you have read the above information and still have questions or need help regarding EMAIL we can be reached at x6893, x5469 or x5448.

We are also offering Calendaring, Docs, and PDA access with Google Apps, but WILL NOT offer SUPPORT for these additional products.

PLEASE use the above links if you need help with these products.