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Interdisciplinary Studies in Science

Interdisciplinary Studies in Science

The College of Sciences and Mathematics is dedicated to helping its students to understand the natural world and to improve the conditions of its inhabitants. As the sciences have grown more complex and our understanding of natural phenomena ever greater, the traditional scientific disciplines have begun to work together and to forge new alliances to address particular areas of concern. The programs within the College of Sciences and Mathematics are continually developing as a reflection of such interdisciplinary approaches to problem-solving. The programs listed below represent exciting new majors which cross disciplinary boundaries within the College and across the University as a whole. Follow the links to learn more about the programs, the students and the faculty.

Biochemistry and Molecular Biology is a major that is taught jointly by the faculty in Chemistry and Biology. The major prepares a student for entry level laboratory technical positions in the biotechnology industry, for graduate study in a variety of biological and chemical disciplines, and for application to medical, veterinary or dental school.

Environmental Science is a broad interdisciplinary major with professors from a variety of schools on campus. The major prepares students for entry-level positions in a variety of areas, or for further graduate or professional studies in environmental science, policy or law.

Neuroscience is an interdisciplinary major that combines a core of courses in biology, psychology, chemistry, and physics with upper level electives in biology and psychology that students select based upon their interests.  Graduates of the neuroscience program typically attend graduate school or medical school although some choose to teach or to work in research labs. 

Pharmaceutical Studies is an interdisciplinary major offering students a strong background in chemistry, biology, and business.  The selection of courses has been optimized to best prepare students for a variety of fields in the area of pharmaceutical science such as: Pharmacy School, Graduate School, Pharmaceutical Sales or Marketing.