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Student Research

Students in Environmental Science complete an independent research project related to a current environmental topic.  Research includes both field and laboratory experiments, depending on the nature of the question being explored. The senior capstone course also allows students to explore an environmental issue from multiple perspectives and typically involves literature research, interviews, and data compilation.

composting melanie
Student assessing pH of compost ENV student in ecology determining
plant diversity of a wetland
Environmental Water Environmental Plant
Biology 1010 students collecting
macro-invertebrates in the Little
Harpeth River at Warner Parks for
a water quality study.
In her senior research project, Kristin
Furman studied the occurrence of exotic
plants along paved vs. unpaved paths at the
Shelby Bottoms Greenway in Nashville, TN

env4 students doing research in river
Students in Dr. Panvini's BIO 3030 General Ecology class collect
macro-invertebrates at the river