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Beta Chi

The Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Program has a student organization, Beta Chi, whose purpose is to promote research in the area of biochemistry and molecular biology through seminars and laboratory opportunities, while providing a social setting for networking and volunteering.  

2014-2015 Beta Chi Club Officers
President -- Paul Hanna 
Vice-President -- Vickie Lim
Secretary -- Chris Bowens
Treasurer -- Jacob Curry
Historian -- Himesh Zaver

Spring 2015 Club Meetings and Activities

January 23          10:00 AM     TBD
Beta Chi Meeting -- Discussion on obtaining research experience

February 27         10:00 AM    WAC4111
Beta Chi Meeting -- Peer Tutoring         

March 27          10:00 AM    WAC4098
Beta Chi Meeting -- Scientific Journal Club Day

April 23          4:00 PM     WAC1037
BMB Seminar ~ Dr. Brandt Eichman, Vanderbilt University, will present: Enzymatic Recognition, Remodeling, and Repair of Damaged DNA            

April 24          10:00 AM    WAC4098
Beta Chi Meeting -- Officer Elections

Beta Chi club members participated in the Academic Co-Curricular fair during Be Belmont Day on February 9th.  This admissions event gives prospective students the opportunity to explore all of the activities available on campus.
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