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Undergraduate Departmental Review

Certain undergraduate research projects that meet all of the requirements for exempt review can be handled by Departmental Review Committees (DRC). Some departments at Belmont have DRCs and some do not; check with your advisor first. All undergraduate students conducting research involving human subjects for course or classroom requirements must have their project approved either by a DRC or the Belmont University IRB.

To qualify for an Undergraduate Research Exempt Review, all of the following conditions must be met:

  • The application must qualify as an exempt review.
  • The researchers must be undergraduate students.
  • The project cannot be used as a thesis or dissertation requirement.
  • No human subjects outside of Belmont University are used (e.g., Metro schools, Vanderbilt University, etc).
  • All data collection must be performed on the grounds of Belmont University.

If an application does not meet all of the criteria listed above, then it must be submitted to and receive approval from the Belmont University IRB before data collection can begin.


  1. Research involving persons less than 18 years of age often does not qualify for exempted review. IRB applications involving children cannot be considered for departmental review and must be submitted to the Belmont University IRB instead.
  2. Departments that do not wish to form a DRC for undergraduate projects can choose to submit their protocol through the standard IRB procedure.