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Secondary Reviews

In some circumstances a secondary review is appropriate for investigators participating in multi-site studies in which IRB approval has been previously obtained at a primary institution other than Belmont. Approval at the primary institution must be in place before a secondary approval can be granted by Belmont University IRB. In order to apply for a secondary review the investigator must submit three packets each containing the following items to the IRB:

  • A copy of the IRB approval letter from the primary institution
  • A copy of the IRB application, consent forms, and all other supporting documentation that was submitted to and approved by the IRB at the primary institution.
  • A cover letter from the Belmont University investigator requesting a secondary approval from Belmont University

Materials an be e-mailed to irb@belmont.edu or sent to Barbara Massey Hall room 239. Data cannot be collected until the Belmont University Investigator receives written approval from the Belmont University IRB.