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Letter of Agreement

Directions for Developing a Letter of Agreement
(Impact Statement)

A Letter of Agreement is required to document coordination of facilities, personnel and other resources for research purposes. Letters of Agreement should be used to document all facility coordination, whether on or off campus. Examples where coordination is required include, but are not limited to:

  • coordination for use of facilities (laboratories, classrooms, clinics, or other space for data collection or storage),
  • supervision or assistance from medical or educational professionals,
  • other sources of professional expertise or assistance. 

The Letter of Agreement should clearly describe the responsibilities of all parties involved, and it should be signed by an individual who has the authority to provide the needed assistance, supervision, or clearance to use space or facilities.   In some circumstances, a research study may require coordination with more than one entity; therefore, a separate Letter of Agreement would be required from each party providing assistance or support.  The Letters of Agreement must be attached to the IRB application in all cases where outside coordination is required.