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 Institutional Review Board

208 Lila D. Bunch Library
Belmont University
1900 Belmont Blvd.
Nashville, TN 37212

phone: 615-460-6960
fax: 615-460-5691
e-mail: irb@belmont.edu

Questions? Contact the IRB staff, a member of your faculty who serves on the IRB, or the Committee Chair:

•             Dr. Renee Brown, Physical Therapy, renee.brown@belmont.edu

•             Dr. Carrie Harvey, School of Nursing, carrie.harvey@belmont.edu

•             Dr. Cathy Hinton, School of Physical Therapy

•             Dr. Shelby Longard, School of Social Sciences, shelby.longard@belmont.edu

•             Dr. Lauren Lunsford, Department of Education, lauren.lunsford@belmont.edu

•             Dr. Lorry Liotta-Kleinfeld, Department of Occupational Therapy, Committee Vice-Chair,

•             Dr. Lori McGrew, School of Sciences, lori.mcgrew@belmont.edu

•             Dr. Mike McGuire, College of Pharmacy, michael.mcguire@belmont.edu

•             Dr. John Niedzwiecki, School of Sciences, john.niedzwiecki@belmont.edu

•             Dr. Teresa Plummer, School of Occupational Therapy, teresa.plummer@belmont.edu

•             Dr. Jason Rogers, University Counsel (ex officio), jason.rogers@belmont.edu

•             Dr. Bernard Turner, Center for Social Entrepreneurship and Service-Learning,  

•             Dr. Beth Woodard, College of Business Administration, beth.woodard@belmont.edu

•             Dr. Lyonel Gilmer, off-campus alternate, lyonel.gilmer@gmail.com

•             Ms. Pat Cole, off-campus alternate, pcole@cfmt.org