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Argos Reporting

Argos is the official university reporting tool.  Reporting is centralized in the Office of Assessment and Institutional Research under the leadership of the Director of Business Intelligence and Data Management.

Log into Argos:  https://evisions1.belmont.edu/

To request a new report or changes to an existing report, please use the following link:

Argos Report Documentation
Data blocks and reports in Argos are documented in the university’s Data Cookbook.  In the Cookbook users can search by keyword to find a particular report that meets their needs.  Each report document shows the purpose or the report, the business terms included in the report as well as other helpful information to understand the output of the report.

Argos Report Consolidation Project
The Business intelligence team has begun an effort to identify Argos reports which are similar and consolidate them in order to reduce redundancy in data blocks.  In addition, other clean up issues include removing duplicate rows in output, verifying accuracy of data and adherence to standards developed by the data standards committee.  As this effort progresses, you will find a list of the old and new report names where redundant reports have been combined.  If you cannot find a report that you need, please contact the BI team

Old Report and Path Name  New Report  Date
Production.Registrar. RR-0170 Catalog Audit Production.General Information.RR-0170 Catalog Audit 10/28/2014
Production.GenEd.RR-0197 Belmont Course Information (includes cross list and comments) Production.Current Students.RR-0197 Course Information by term college dept prefix (includes cross list and comments) 2/4/2014

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