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Executive Certificate in Faith-Based Leadership


The Executive Certificate in Faith-Based Leadership is a six-week learning experience from the Institute of Faith-Based Leadership.

Participants of this course will leave with the tools to become a better and more effective leader for their church or nonprofit organization.  


Classes will be offered in the Spring and Fall every year on Monday evenings from 5:30 p.m. until 8:30 p.m. each week. Class sizes are limited to 20.  

Tuition for the certificate is $599. A discount of $200 will be subtracted to any individual participant from the same sponsoring organization.

Schedule & Descriptions

Behind the Numbers: Understanding the Role of Finance in the Organization, Dr. John Gonas 
This class covers how to evaluate investment and financing choices and assess working capital needs. Students will learn about capital budgeting, risk and return analysis, and deriving a cost of capital.  Students will also discover how to use financial statements to evaluate an organization’s liquidity, asset management, and profitability.

Entrepreneurial Visioning and Financial Sustainability, Dr. John Gonas & Dr. Bernard Turner 
This class will explore the problems and challenges of sustainability for faith-based organizations.  It will provide the student with the skills to discover and identify new sources of revenue.  Students will also discover effective business modeling and evaluation.  Students will learn the process of effective grant writing.

Crisis Counseling. Dr. Tom Knowles-Bagwell 
This class will serve as a refresher for professionals who are called upon to provide crisis, marital, relational, and job-related counseling. The latest terminology and procedures will be presented. Students will also learn effective ways to recognize how and when counselees need to be referred to more professional providers.

Understanding the Times and How to Minister Effectively, Dr. Jon Roebuck
This class will explore the dynamics and trends in culture, attendance, and mentality that currently affect ministry organizations.  Students will discover effective ways of adjusting to new paradigms for effectively meeting the needs of the millennial generation.

Strategic Planning, Dr. Bill Wilson 
This class will provide the tools needed to become proactive rather than reactive in moving an organization forward.  Students will learn how to evaluate current trends and plan successful strategies to meet needs.

Leadership Health, Erin Shankel and Dr. Phil Johnston 
This class focuses on the health and well-being of the executive leader in a faith-based organization. The class will explore the importance of “work and family life” balance. Students will learn to recognize compassion fatigue and occupational burnout. Illness/injury prevention will also be addressed.