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How to submit Writing and Art for the Belmont Literary Journal 2012

Submissions boxes are located in three areas:
  • In the Belmont Literary Journal mailbox in Wheeler Humanities Building Room 200
  • In the lobby of the Lila D. Bunch Library
  • Outside the door of office 200H in Wheeler Humanities Building.

Inside the box, you will find yellow submission forms. Please complete a form and attach it to your work, with hard copy and disk. Since your work will be considered anonymously, it helps if your name does not appear on the work itself. We must have the completed submission form in order to consider your work. We cannot publish anonymous work.

Writing Submissions

You may submit as many as four long pieces or six short pieces of writing.

Art Submissions

Please fill out the submission form inside the box. You may place the artwork in the box with the submission form attached, bring it to Dr. Danielle Alexander (Wheeler Humanities 200H), or contact the BLJ editor to have your work viewed. You may submit as many as four works of art.

Then what happens?

Submissions are collated and logged by the faculty advisor, then submitted anonymously to student selection groups who use tested small-group evaluation procedures. Your work will be treated with respect, confidentiality, and appreciation. Selection is usually made from mid-January until mid-February. We get many submissions and work must proceed through multiple selection rounds to make it to the journal.

We begin production at the end of February. You will be notified ASAP whether your work has been selected. If you wish to collect your submission, you should do so before the end of spring semester.

Thank you for your interest in the Belmont Literary Journal!