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Over the past few years, the Office of Human Resources has provided a series of online educational courses focused on a variety of workplace issues, including awareness and prevention of harassment and discrimination.  Our renewed subscription includes many new course offerings.  You are welcome to take any courses of interest in addition to the four courses required of all faculty, staff, and adjunct instructors listed below: 

  • § Discrimination
  • § Other Harassment
  • § Sexual Harassment 
  • § Workplace Diversity (select Employee or Supervisor, as appropriate)

Login instructions for new users

Login instructions for returning users

 Several important items to remember:

-        You must use your Belmont email to create your account.

-        Each course takes less than 30 minutes to complete.

-        If you must leave the course unfinished, it will be automatically available when you log in again.

-        If you have already created an account and cannot remember your password, simply click on “I forgot my password” located next to “Signup” and you will be sent an email with a password reset.  

-        These courses are in addition to similar face-to-face workshops you may have attended and are required.

-        You may have already completed one or more of the courses you are being asked to take.  You can look up the courses you have already completed on the “archive” tab, which  is noted in the above “login instructions.”  You will not have to re-take a course you have previously completed.

-        After you have completed a course, the system records your status and an automated email will be sent to HR.  You will have the option of printing out a certificate if you wish.

-        If you have any other questions, call (460-6172) or email