Human Resources

Belmont University introduces two online certificate programs, one focused on employee professional development and one focused on supervisor development.   The TrainingToday online courses have been updated to include new content - four courses are required of all faculty, staff, and adjunct faculty.  Completion of ten additional courses will produce a certificate of excellence awarded by Human Resources.  Those who earn the certificate will have their achievement announced in FYI and will participate in a celebration event during Summer 2014.  Credit will be given for previously completed required courses - there is no need to retake them.  Required courses should be completed by end of December 2013.  The deadline for completing the other certificate courses is May 15, 2014.

Here is a breakdown of the courses required for each certificate program:

Required Courses (All Faculty, Adjunct Faculty, Staff)

  • Discrimination
  • Other Harassment
  • Sexual Harassment 
  • Workplace Diversity (select Employee or Supervisor, as appropriate)

 Additional Supervisor Online Training Certificate Courses

  • Attendance Management - What Supervisors Need to Know
  • Effective Meetings - How to for Supervisors
  • Emergency Action and Fire Prevention
  • FLSA - What Supervisors Need to Know
  • FMLA - What Supervisors Need to Know
  • How to Manage Challenging Employees
  • Leadership Skills - What New Supervisors and Managers Need to Know
  • Measuring Job Performance - What Supervisors Need to Know
  • Motivating Employees - Tips and Tactics for Supervisors
  • Teambuilding for Supervisors

Additional Employee Online Training Certificate Courses

  • Business Ethics - What Employees Need to Know
  • Customer Service Skills - How We Can All Improve
  • Effective Communication for Employees
  • Emergency Action and Fire Prevention
  • How to Prevent and Respond to Bullying at Work
  • Saving Energy at Work and Beyond
  • Social Media and Sexual Harassment
  • Stress Management
  • Teambuilding for All Employees
  • Time Management Skills for Employees

TrainingToday Online Course Instructions

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