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The Office of Human Resources is pleased to announce the deployment of Belmont University's new employment web site, Belmont Jobs Online which began in December, 2005. Developed in partnership with PeopleAdmin®, the system streamlines recruitment, applicant tracking and hiring for both staff and faculty positions.

Belmont Jobs Online is completely an online system and does not require installation of any hardware or software. It creates job  postings for vacancies and new positions. It then collects all of an applicant's employment materials online, screens the applicants for basic qualifications and distributes application materials electronically to anyone involved in the search. The system allows candidates to view the status of their application at any time and sends automated status updates to applicants via email. The PeopleAdmin system was designed for the higher education community and over 200 universities nationwide are using this new approach. The new online employment site is designed to make the staff and faculty employment process more efficient and accessible for both job seekers and hiring managers or search committees.

The advantages are:
• Up-to-date information - From requisitions to the actual job postings, the system will quickly obtain approvals and list information on all new staff and faculty job openings as they become available.
• Accessibility - Postings will be accessible to both job seekers and hiring managers from any computer with access to the Internet including a MacIntosh.
• Flexibility - Job seekers can submit additional documentation and answer questions from employers electronically at the time they apply to qualify or disqualify them as applicants. They can view the status of their application at any time and receive online status updates quickly.
• Quicker job placements - Hiring managers and search committees can review application materials and take action immediately.

This system completely replaces the previous paper based employment system.