Human Resources

Human Resources Directory of Forms

Benefit Forms: (Click Here)
General Forms: 

Background Check Release
Please call the Office of Human Resources for information about conducting a background check.

Campus Map
Please use this link for information for designated parking and smoking areas.

Catastrophic Leave Donation Form
For Staff wanting to donate vacation leave.

Catastrophic Leave Recipient Request Form
For Staff requesting donated leave.

Direct Deposit Form

Deferred Compensation Election Form - 409A
For 10-month faculty and staff with less than a 12 month position

Exit Survey
Please complete this online confidential survey if you are leaving Belmont University.

First Report of Injury
Needs to be completed anytime there is a person injured on the job.

HIPAA Forms and Information
Forms relating to your participation rights regarding your Protected Health Information (PHI)

Form used to verify employment eligibility.

New Hire Information and Forms
Click here for forms needed by new staff and faculty, including I9, W4, etc.

Offer Letter - Biweekly
Offer letter template for use when hiring biweekly paid staff employees (Plant Ops, Security).

Offer Letter - Monthly
Offer letter template for use when hiring monthly paid staff employees.

Payroll and Accounting
Please use this link to view important Payroll and Accounting forms and information.

Payroll Action Form (Staff/Faculty/Adjuncts)

Payroll Action Form (Graduate Assistants/Interns)

Payroll Action Form ONLINE (Temporary/Summer Workers)

Phased Retirement Release Form
For tenured faculty - form required for phased retirement progam.

Request for Family or Medical Leave

Retirement Contribution Form
Use this form to make a change in your 403B annuity contribution

Termination Form 
Form for Supervisors to use for termination information on staff and faculty employees.  Used by payroll for appropriate vacation payout and last paycheck information.

Tuition Reduction Form (Employee Undergraduate)

Tuition Reduction Form (Employee Graduate)

Tuition Reduction Form (Spouse and Dependent)


Workers Compensation