Human Resources

Purpose of this FAQ Document

This document is designed to quickly answer the most commonly asked Applicant questions.  It is designed to work with the Applicant Support Duties document.  The Applicant Support Duties document has more in depth directions on how to do some of the technical items (cookie, temp. internet files, etc).

I lost my application/was logged out/what do I do?

The most likely reason you were logged out is that the Internet connection between your computer and our servers was lost at some point during the application process.  Another possibility is that, for security reasons, the system automatically logs you out if you do not move within pages at least once within a 60-minute timeframe. The system requires that you click "Save" on the final page of the application (which contains the Certification Statement) in order for you to apply to a position with your application. 

To recover the portion of the application you have started please follow the following steps:

1.       Log in to the employment site with your user name and password.

2.       Click the Manage Documents link on the far left hand side of the screen.

3.       From the Manage Documents Page you can edit and view your application.

4.       If you do not have an application to view/edit you can create an application from this page by clicking Create Application.

Why can’t I access the site?

In order to assist you we may need more information, including what browser and specific version you are using, and the exact steps you are taking to try to access the site, as well as the text of any error message that you have received.

In order to troubleshoot why this is happening, there a few general things you may try, starting with the easiest step to the most difficult.

1)        Close all your browser windows, open a new browser window, and type the URL directly into the browser address bar.

2)        If you have access to more than one type of browser on your computer, try using a different browser.  The site is accessible in many browsers but is recommended to be used with Internet Explorer 5.5 and higher.

3)        Adjust the settings on your browser to check for newer pages on every visit to the page or “automatically”.  Details of how to make these adjustments can be found in the attached document.

4)        The site requires JavaScript and Session Cookies, so please check to see that your browser is set up so that javascript and session cookies are enabled.  I have attached a document that details how to modify these settings if you need assistance.

I can’t remember my password.

Perhaps the system is having trouble with the password you are entering.  Please try the following:

1.         From the website, click the "Login" link on the left, and then click "I Forgot My Password" (below the boxes where you enter your username and password).

1.         At the prompt, enter your User Name.

2.         The system will ask you the password retrieval question that you entered when you originally created your account.  Respond with the answer you selected when you created your account (the answer is case-sensitive).

3.         The system will reset your password to be the same as your User Name.

4.         Enter your User Name and new password (also your User Name) in the login boxes. You will immediately have to change your password once you have logged in.

This should enable you to log in, view your application and apply for positions online.

How do I use the online system?

Please return to the online employment site at Once you enter the site, you may complete an online application by clicking "Create Application", then follow the directions on each screen that comes up. 

After completing and saving your application, you may apply your saved application to positions that are of interest to you. To do so, click "Search Postings", then click "View" under a Job Title that interests you, then click the "Apply For This Posting" button.  Follow the instructions on the screens that follow in order to complete the application process.

Why does the site require cookies?

Cookies are required for our site to be able to manage where a person is in the site. We do not capture any personal or computer information in those cookies. If you are still concerned, you are welcome to delete the cookies once you have completed the application process.

How do I attach my resume/cover letter to my application?

If the position you are applying for accepts resumes or other documents, you will have the opportunity to attach your documents after you have clicked the Apply for this Position button for the position you are applying to.

After clicking that button and answering any questions associated with that position, an Attach Documents screen will appear, which will inform you of the documents that are accepted for that position (if any).  The online employment site accepts documents in Microsoft Word or Adobe Acrobat (. pdf) format, of a file size less than 2 MB.  If neither format is available to you, you may copy and paste the text of your document into the "Paste a new Resume/CV" box.  

I’m having trouble attaching documents.

The online employment site only accepts documents in Microsoft Word or Adobe Acrobat (. pdf) format, of a file size less than 2 MB.  If neither format is available to you, you may copy and paste the text of your document into the "Paste a new Resume/CV" box.  You can attempt this action again by logging into the site, clicking on "Manage Jobs" and then "Attach Documents". 

I’m getting a system error when attaching documents.

If you are having problems attaching your documents, we are actually having technical difficulties with our document server. Please attempt to attach your documents later this evening or tomorrow. 

I’m having trouble viewing the converted PDF documents.

The reason you might be having problems viewing your PDF documents is the way your Adobe Acrobat Reader is set up.

To adjust your Adobe Settings:

1. Close all browser windows.

2. Open Adobe Acrobat (must 5.0 or greater).

3. If Adobe is version 5.x, do the following. For version 6.x, go to step 4.

            a. Choose Edit-Preferences-General.

            b. Select Options on the left.

            c. Uncheck "Display PDF in Browser".

4. If Adobe is version 6.x, do the following.

            a. Choose Edit-Preferences.

            b. Select Internet on the left.

            c. Uncheck "Display PDF in Browser".

5. Close Adobe Acrobat

6. Open a new browser window, log into the Employment site, and give it another try.

If you are using a Mac, an Apple program called PDFViewer is the default PDF viewer. If you open the file in PDFViewer, save it to your desktop, and open it in Adobe, it will be readable. For the long-term, you will need to change your default PDF viewer to Adobe in order to view things properly.

How do I print a copy of my completed application?

After completing and saving your application, you will either see an option to manage or edit your application on the left hand menu.  Click that link. 

- If it was a Manage Applications link, you should click the option to View your application.  In a few moments the entire application will appear in a new window.

- If it was an Edit Application link, you will be able navigate through the pages until you reach the final page (with the certification statement).  Above the Save button you should see a link that says “Preview Application.” Click that link, and in a few moments the entire application will appear in a new window.

Once your application is displayed in the new window, click File: Print from your browser menu to print the application.  Click the “Close Window” link in that new window to return to the online employment site. 

Why can’t I use the back button?

The reason we disabled the back button was to protect the integrity of an applicant's data and ensure that they look their best when applying for jobs.  Other sites (like, banking sites, and many others) actually warn you not to press the back button at times to prevent important transactional data from being overwritten, lost or doubled which can lead to costly double-orders, mis-transfers, etc. However, they still allow you to press use it, opening a window of possibility that we are uncomfortable with.  We actually went forward and disabled the back button to narrow the possibility of error so that applicant data is as secure and accurate as we can make it.  While not using the back button may be frustrating at first, the trade off is not only increased protection of privacy, but also the assurance that the information presented to a potential employer looks as good as intended.  Since we are in the business of helping people find jobs, this was our ultimate concern as you often only get one chance to make a good impression when vying for a job.

Why isn’t my bookmark valid when I come back to the site?

To use the site, please close all existing browser windows, then go to:

We require that all visitors to the site enter through this main entry page to ensure that everyone's information is stored correctly. 

The 500 error

The 500 error generally occurs when browser is using a cached and out of date version of the web page.  The solution is to delete the cached files, and adjust when the browser checks for newer versions of the web page. It should check for newer versions each time the applicant loads the page.

Refer to the Browser Help and/or Cache Settings files for details on assisting applicants with their browser settings.

Close your browser window message

Sometimes this error message will occur when the browser window opens from another browser window. To circumvent this error, close all your browser windows, open a new window from the browser icon, and type in the URL in the address bar.

Could you tell me how I can go about updating or changing the application form?

The computer takes a "snap shot" of your application as soon as you click on the "Apply to this Position" button. If you make changes to your application after you click this button, you won't see any new edits associated with that particular position. If you need to make changes to an application that has already been submitted for a particular position, you should call Human Resources at 615-460-6456 to request that the administrator make the changes. Only Human Resources can make such changes.

Applicant emails unsolicited resume

Thank you for your interest with Belmont University. Unfortunately, we are unable to accept application materials such as resumes, cover letters, etc via email, fax or mail. Please visit our online application system at to apply for positions and to submit your resume. There is an online applicant tutorial on the login page.

Applicant status reads “Position Filled.”

Belmont Jobs Online is designed to send a standard courtesy message to applicants so that they will have updated information about the status of positions. You may also check the status of your job posting to see if it has been filled by logging onto at any time.