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Frequently Asked Questions - Staff Positions

1. Why the decision to move to an on-line employment system?

There has been discussion for some time about the need for a more efficient and effective recruitment and employment system. Human Resources receives and processes over 3000 applications and resumes each year and an undetermined number of additional resumes are received and reviewed directly by departments. This particular system was selected because the vendor specializes in designing software systems customized for higher education institutions.

2. What advantages will Belmont Jobs Onine bring to hiring managers and search committees?

Hiring managers and search committee members will have around the clock access via a secure Internet connection to application materials organized in a consistent format. The system also will improve the efficiency of the search process, ensure that Belmont reaches well-qualified candidates, and provide an improved rate of return and more accurate reporting of EEO survey response data.  The system will allow hiring managers to set up job-specific qualifying questions to assist in determining who has met the basic qualifications of the job.  Candidates will receive automatic updates regarding the status of their applications both online and via email.  This will dramatically cut down the number of phone calls to departments and Human Resources.

3. What advantages will Belmont Jobs Online bring to individuals interested in working at Belmont University ?

Prospective applicants will be able to go to a single online location to obtain immediate access to all staff openings and will be able to apply online for the position in which they are interested. Candidates can easily enter their information into the online application using either a PC or Macintosh, attach resumes, cover letters or other documents and will receive immediate confirmation that materials have been received. They will have the ability to login and check the status of the search for the position for which they've applied, review and update their application or withdraw from jobs at any time.  Applicants will automatically be notified as their status in the job search process changes.

4. What about applicants who are uncomfortable using a computer?

Careful consideration was given to addressing the accessibility of the on-line system. Feedback from other universities using the system has indicated that the system is easy to use and that applicants have responded favorably when phone and hands-on assistance is available. The use of a scanning system was discussed and ruled out because Universities who implemented such systems indicated that they were difficult to use and applicants preferred using the on-line format.  Human Resources can accommodate occasional applicants with unique needs or challenges by processing an application on behalf of an applicant, but we anticipate that the majority of applicants will be able to navigate the system independently. We are working with public employment assistance agencies to provide training to referred candidates who encounter problems navigating through the system.

5. What if applicants don't want to use the on-line application system?

Many other higher education institutions of comparable size and make-up are using the PeopleAdmin on-line application system and have encountered minimal problems.  (For a complete listing of over 200 institutions using the system, click on the PeopleAdmin link.).

Belmont University will support an online submission system only.  Belmont has had another online system for about a year and we anticipate that the majority of job seekers will continue to respond favorably.

6. What about applicants who don't have easy access to a computer?

A computer workstation will be available in the Office of Human Resources area Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. and HR staff will be available to provide hands-on assistance to applicants. Applicants who require in-depth assistance will be referred to regional re-employment one-stop centers and community agencies such as the Middle Tennessee Career Center and public libraries.

7. How are applicants' information kept confidential in the system?

Applicants will be able to create their own username and password in order to access their application in the system. Individuals will not be able to access another person's application materials unless the applicant provides them with this access information. Departmental representatives and hiring authorities will only be able to view and access applications submitted for their specific job postings.

8. We heard the "go live" date is in December 2005. Does this mean our department needs to be trained and using the system by that time?

No. Only the applicant side of the system will go live in December 2005. We are intentionally phasing in the department user-side of the system so that departments will have adequate time to learn the job requisition and job posting functionality of the system.

9. Will everyone be required to attend a training class before we use the system?

No. Several tutorial and training resources will be offered to departments. In addition to hands-on training sessions, an on-line tutorial and a Power Point demonstration will be available. Some academic and administrative staff are already comfortable using on-line systems and may be ready to use Belmont Jobs Online after they view the on-line training materials. Others will prefer more hands-on instruction. Finally, some departments may prefer to schedule an in-house training session with HR for their high-end users. The Human Resources office is prepared to accommodate the different training needs of hiring departments. We also recommend that at least one person in the department or unit become very familiar with the system in order to serve as an internal "go-to" resource for new users.