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Frequently Asked Questions - Faculty Positions

What advantages will search committees and hiring departments have when using Belmont Jobs Online?

Search committee members will have around the clock access via a secure Internet connection to application materials organized in a consistent format. The system also will improve the efficiency of the search process, ensure that the university reaches well-qualified candidates, and provide an improved rate of return and more accurate reporting of EEO survey response data.

What if a search committee wants to accept nominations; how is that handled in the Belmont Jobs Online format?

The application process is designed to allow special requirements. All you need to do is include information on how nominations should be made and to whom nominations should be e-mailed.

May departments continue to advertise in professional journals and on specialized websites?

Yes, continue to use all methods of advertising that you have utilized in the past as well as research additional venues to increase your applicant pool diversity.  Just includ e a statement that applications and nominations should be made online. Belmont Jobs Online simply provides a central location to which potential candidates can go to learn of and apply for faculty positions.

What advantages will faculty candidates have when using Belmont Jobs Online to apply?

Prospective faculty candidates will now be able to go to a single location to obtain immediate access to all faculty openings and will be able to apply online for the position in which they are interested. Faculty candidates can easily submit applications for positions and will receive immediate confirmation that materials have been received. They will have the ability to login and check the status of the search for the position for which they've applied.

How can the system accommodate faculty recruitments? Isn't it difficult to send vitas electronically?

Belmont Jobs Online was designed specifically with higher education needs in mind. Vitas, resumes and other supporting documents can easily be attached in MS Word or PDF formats, or copied and pasted directly into the system.

Can candidates access Belmont Jobs Online using a Macintosh?

Yes, the system does accommodate Macintosh users. They simply need a web browser and internet access.

Is a candidate's information kept confidential in the system?

Candidates can create their own secure account with a unique username and password in order to access their information. Departmental representatives and search committees are only able to view and access applications submitted for the specific job postings they are assigned.

How do I get more information on how to use Belmont Jobs Online?

The Office of Human Resources will be happy to provide additional assistance or any training necessary for those in academic departments. Contact Human Resources at 460-6456 or via e-mail at