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Information about Applying for Adjunct Instructor Positions

Belmont University selects groups of practitioners to join our teaching team each semester as adjunct faculty instructors, on a fee-per-course basis. If you have expertise in the areas listed below, please consider applying to join our exceptional team of instructors. Belmont University values adjunct faculty because they are practitioners who have both the requisite experience and educational background to provide "real world" expertise within their classroom experience.

Adjunct faculty members are hired (as needed) on a semester-to-semester basis to provide instruction in departments experiencing large student enrollment. Those interested in working as adjunct instructors are in a "pool" for consideration as instructor vacancies occur. "Not everyone in the adjunct pool will ultimately teach a course offered at Belmont University."  Those hired have educational and professional backgrounds that match the needs of the various colleges within the university.  Belmont University adjuncts take pride in their affiliation with the second largest private institution in Tennessee.

Minimum Hiring Qualifications:

Master's in any teaching field with 24 upper division and/or graduate semester hours in the teaching field or Master's in any teaching field with 18 graduate semester hours in the teaching field or Master's in the teaching field's Terminal degrees are preferred.

Common questions:

I have taught classes as an adjunct at Belmont in the past. Why do I have to complete an application and apply online?
Adjunct instructors are hired on a term basis by contract. They are paid on a term basis. New paperwork must be generated each term or semester. Because all this paperwork will be generated in the Belmont Jobs Online system, adjunct applications must be maintained within the system.

Will I have to apply again and again every semester?
No. Adjunct applications will be maintained in a hiring pool for the departments to choose from when hiring adjuncts each term.

Active applicants who have been hired or actively engaged with the department will remain in the pool.

This pool will be purged of inactive applications after an 18 month period of inactivity. The purged applicants will be notified that they need to re-apply. This will clear out those who have moved or have no further interest in teaching as an adjunct at Belmont. It will also encourage up to date record keeping of addresses and telephone numbers.

What if I teach classes in the College of Arts and Sciences and in the College of Business Administration? Do I have to apply to postings in both colleges?
Yes. Since you receive contracts from different colleges and are paid from different budget accounts, the records must be kept separate.

If I teach different courses in the same college, school, or department, do I have to apply to each of those postings?
Yes. The budget records must be kept separate.

I have a Master's Degree. Am I eligible to teach classes at Belmont as an adjunct instructor?
It depends upon the educational requirements of the particular position. These are listed on the adjunct job posting. Some require a Doctorate and some require a specific Master's Degree with minimum number of course hours. Consult the job posting for exact details.