Human Resources

Staff Titles

 Belmont University believes that there are two basic types of staff employees throughout the university - managers and individual contributors.   Job titles are used by the university to reflect the nature and role of the work.  It is the intention for titles to be meaningful to the employee, their peers in the organization, to students and to both internal and external customers.   The titling methodology below is to be used to establish the internal or Human Resources job title for all staff positions.  A standardized titling system provides a consistency across Belmont and within the Banner HRIS system as well as the Peopleadmin recruiting and performance management system.

 However, it is understood that there are external requirements that demand the use of a customized job title used on business cards and in other forms of communication.  These titles must be reviewed and approved by Human Resources and the responsible Vice President prior to being used for official university business.    Banner records and Peopleadmin job descriptions include both external and internal job titles.  Some Human Resources titles are listed below.  Not all titles are listed for each group. 


HR Titles -  Managers

HR Titles - Individual Contributor


Associate Vice President  or Associate Provost



Director IV or Associate Dean



Director III or Assistant Dean

Sr. Database Administrator


Director II

Senior Analyst


Director I, Manager III

Analyst IV, Sr. Specialist, Sr. Coordinator


Assistant Director, Manager II

Analyst III, Specialist III, Coordinator III


Manager I, Supervisor III

Analyst II, Specialist II, Coordinator II


Supervisor II

Analyst I, Specialist I, Coordinator I


Supervisor I

Associate II



Associate I

 Basic Definitions

Associate = Any work, other than receptionist or secretarial, that is more functionally and task focused.

Administrative Assistant = Focus of work to provide administrative support to programs, departments, schools, colleges.

Executive Assistant = Limited to providing administrative support to Senior Leadership roles.

Coordinator = Project-oriented staff who plan and support activities within one or more operational units.

Specialist = Professional or subject matter expert in a certain functional area.

Analyst = Typically, subject matter expert in technology, finance, accounting, or budget functions.