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Jenny Holtslander

Jenny HoltslanderWhen I came to Belmont I thought I had it all planned out. I never guessed that the experiences I would have here would challenge and mold me while pointing me in a completely new direction in life.  

At the end of my sophomore year, I began to recognize that I wanted to work in an environment where my job was to encourage people and help them to actualize their potential and realize their goals. After spending two years floating around in different music majors, I decided that Occupational Therapy was right for me.

At that stage of the game, a successful switch with no lost time seemed out of the question. But when I met with Dr. Boan, the Honors Director, and my Honors Tutor (my biggest advocate), I learned otherwise. Because the Honors Program highly values helping students achieve their goals and fulfill their purpose, they wholeheartedly supported me in working out the logistics of the change.

I'm now preparing to enter Belmont's graduate level School of Occupational Therapy next year, right on time. I attribute much of my success at Belmont to the honors program- academically, but also socially, personally, and spiritually. God helped me hear my calling; the Belmont Honors Program helped me answer.