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Chris Cropsey

Chris Cropsey

When I first started at Belmont, I decided to apply for the Honors Program because I had been in honors classes in high school and it seemed like a natural continuation. I was expecting honors classes here to be like they were in high school - the same basic material as regular classes, but at a slightly accelerated pace.

However, I have since discovered that this isn't the case at all. The Honors Program here has given me a way to study Religion, History, Writing, Philosophy, Art History, and a whole slew of other subject areas all in one logical framework. As a student who loves so many different things - I'm a Music Major hoping to go to med school - the interdisciplinary approach has been fantastic.

On top of that, the people in the Honors Program have become like a family to me and most of my best friends are in Honors. The professors are top-notch and, best of all, they love the students and they love teaching.

Even with all of the hard work, I'd do the Honors Program again in a heartbeat.