Dr. Andrew Johnston


Andrew Johnston is Professor of Leadership Studies and Director of the LEAD Program. He teaches classes in the LEAD track of Belmont’s Honors Program and a Study Abroad course in Leadership at King’s College - London, as well as graduate classes in Belmont's Masters of Education program, and Vanderbilt University's College of Education.

Dr. Johnston holds degrees in Interpersonal Communication and Literature from Wheaton College; in Counseling Psychology from Auburn University; in Higher Education Leadership & Policy from the University of Tennessee; and additional education in Management & Organizational Change from Harvard University.

Dr. Johnston is an experienced organizational leader, inspiring and surviving change in multiple educational institutions and roles, most recently that of Associate Provost & Dean of Students. As a result, he is deeply committed to equipping and encouraging leaders at all levels and is a frequent speaker, writer, and consultant on leadership and organizational development.

He is the husband of a wonderful woman that reminds him leadership is about genuine collaboration and occasionally taking out the trash, and the father of two children who remind him that leadership is a high (and frequently humorous) calling, not for the faint-of-heart.

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