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Honors Curriculum

Most people would associate an Honors Program with a curriculum, and the Belmont University Honors Program has a curriculum like nothing you have seen before, but our program is about far more than simply a list of courses.  We have much bigger ambitions for our students than simply training them as young scholars, and we accomplish many of our goals through an innovative curricular philosophy. 

Our program provides a novel approach to the general education experience, with 41 semester hours of interdisciplinary honors seminars and specialized training in leadership, scholarly research, or aesthetics and creativity in the arts.  Unlike most “interdisciplinary” programs you find at universities, we are not just a ragtag assemblage of discipline-based courses—a couple of literature courses, a couple of history courses, a couple of science courses…you get the picture.  Instead, each course in our program is itself interdisciplinary, designed to train students to notice connections between disparate ideas, see the paradigm no one else can, recognize the unintended consequence of an action, or find the pathway to a destination others have abandoned as impossible.  We build citizens as well as scholars, visionaries rather than just leaders, honest and ethical young women and men who will not only do well, but do good.

At the end of the day, our curriculum completely satisfies all general education requirements for any major at Belmont, so students in our program do not take any of the BELL Core or other general education classes.  And with the specialized training in leadership, scholarship, or the arts, our program is integrated into your major like no other general education program you’ll find anywhere.

Here's what it looks like:

Honors Core (29 Hours)

World Traditions of Faith & Reason (3 hours)
Classical Civilizations (3 hours)
The Medieval World (3 hours)
The Age of Exploration (3 hours)
World Topics in the 20th & 21st Centuries (3 hours)
Discovery & Revolution (3 hours)
American Topics in the 20th & 21st Centuries (3)
Analytics: Math Models (4 hours)
Analytics; Science Models (4 hours)

Track Specific Courses (12 Hours)

Scholarship: Humanities and Social Sciences
Theory & Interpretation
Writing Workshop
Senior Thesis

Scholarship: Science and Mathematics
Sophomore Tutorial
Junior Tutorial
Writing Workshop
Thesis Prospectus Planning
Thesis Writing
Senior Colloquium
Thesis Research

The Artist’s Studio
The Critical Eye
Beauty & Truth
Writing Workshop
Senior Creative Project

Project LEAD
Societies, Institutions, & Teams 
Leadership & Advocacy
Writing Workshop
Team Project Execution