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Humanistic Core

At the core of the Honors Program are the interdisciplinary courses. These are accelerated, seminar-style classes that combine humanities, social science, natural science, art, architecture, philosophy, and religion.  Working closely with top-notch faculty, students advance through the curriculum and discover the enduring issues of faith and reason, the clash of ancient civilizations, the Black Death of the Medieval World, Europe’s race to discover the New World, the Renaissance and Reformation, as well as the Enlightenment, the Age of Romanticism, the Modern World, and the rise of post-Modernism. 

These chronological courses begin with “World Traditions of Faith and Reason” before moving to “Classical Civilizations,” (from 1200 BCE to circa 500 CE), “The Medieval World” (500 to 1500), “The Age of Exploration” (1500-1700), “Discovery and Revolution,” (1700-1900), and “Topics in the 20th and 21st Centuries.”  Students simultaneously take “Analytics: Science” and “Analytics: Math” lab courses, which integrated into the humanistic sequence.  The Honors sequence courses are innovative and high-impact with advanced learning goals.  They typically require writing, reading, research, mock courtroom debates, acting, videography, web page design, and museum experiences.