How to Apply

To apply for the Honors Program at Belmont University, please complete the supplemental Honors Program application found in the main admissions application for the university.  You can find that application by clicking the "Apply to Belmont" link on the left side of the screen once you click here.  The deadline for completion is December 1.  If you have any questions about the application process, please browse the responses to Frequently Asked Questions or call Erin Ritter at (615) 460-6472. 

What we look for in an Honors Student

The Belmont University Honors Program is highly competitive, admitting only 72 students each year. Candidates for the Honors program exhibit academic excellence and growth throughout their high school experience, have engaged their communities in creative and productive ways, and generally score in the 90th percentile on the SAT or ACT. They are superior writers and thinkers, and demonstrate extraordinary creativity, curiosity, introspection, and perseverance.

Honors ClassPotential for Superior Academic and Creative Performance. The Belmont Honors students are the stars of tomorrow, reaching that pinnacle not just because of good grades or soaring SAT scores but because they seek the best in themselves.

Think Creatively. The Belmont Honors Program is a world of ideas, and our students keep reaching for new horizons. The program encourages students to explore the major of their dreams, even if they need to create it! The only limit is a student's ambition.

Enjoy Exploring Interconnections. The Honors Curriculum brings together faculty from across the university to lead team-taught seminars that examine, for example, how scientific knowledge in a society affects its cultural arts, or how social structures shape institutions and beliefs.