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Phi Alpha Theta

Belmont Hosts 2019 Phi Alpha Theta Regional Conference

The Belmont History Department is very pleased to announce that we are hosting this year's Phi Alpha Theta Regional Conference on March 30. 2019. We hope to see many of our membership at Belmont in the spring!


The conference program can be found here



Phi Alpha Theta
Belmont University Chapter

What is Phi Alpha Theta? PAT is the national honor society for history. Founded in 1921, today there are 830 PAT chapters at colleges and universities across the United States. The society holds a national history conference for students and professors and supports a journal, The Historian, where students can publish papers and book reviews. Members include advanced undergraduates, graduate students, and professors. The Belmont chapter welcomes all eligible students.

Why Join? Membership in Phi Alpha Theta is evidence of your superior work in the field of history and is recognition of your belonging to a prestigious international society. Membership establishes your eligibility to be elected as a delegate to the regional and national conventions of the society and to participate in the many scholarship and paper competitions which the society sponsors. At Phi Alpha Theta conferences members meet fellow history students in a professional atmosphere and have an opportunity to make professional contacts.  The Belmont Chapter, along with History Society, also sponsors speakers, films and events on the Belmont campus.

Membership Requirements

Undergraduate students:
a minimum of 12 hours in history courses (courses in which the student is currently enrolled can be counted);
an average grade point of at least 3.1 in all History courses;
an average grade point of 3.0 in 2/3 of the remaining course work.

Graduate students:
must have completed at least 30% if the requirements for a Master's degree, with at  least a 3.1 average.
There is a one-time initiation fee and payment of chapter dues totaling $50.00, which must be paid by the time of initiation. The initiate will receive a year's subscription to The Historian and a certificate of membership.  Inductions are in the Fall semester.

More Questions?
Email Dr. Cynthia Bisson