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Cynthia Bisson

Dr. Cindy Bisson

A Kentuckian (a happy event that puts me in the ranks of other famous Kentuckians like Henry Clay, Abraham Lincoln, Jefferson Davis, Alben Barkley, and Mary Todd Lincoln) I earned my doctorate in History from  The Ohio State University  in 1989. As an unapologetic Francophile and Japanophile, I teach courses on French Revolution, Modern France, Europe in the Age of Absolutism, as well The Samurai and their World and Modern Japan.   Recently Modern China and a Survey of East Asian history were added to my teaching repertoire.  Of course, I enjoy learning about all cultures and their histories (which helps a great deal when teaching the two-course sequence in world history).  Currently I am taking my second year of Japanese language instruction and surviving.  

I have published numerous book reviews, a brief article on Napoleon Bonaparte for Tennessee Humanities and contributed entries to historical dictionaries on World War II France and Napoleon.  Moreover I made numerous public presentations throughout Tennessee on Napoleon's life for Tennessee Humanities. In addition I attended conferences sponsored by the American Historical Association and French Historical Studies where I presented my research on crime and criminal justice in France during the nineteenth century. Other conferences in which I participated as chair or commentator include the European Section of the Southern Historical Association, the AsianNetwork, and the Southeastern Conference of the Association of Asian Studies.  In May 2008 I joined the Belmont Study-Abroad trip to Japan and look forward to returning to Japan in May 2009 with Belmont students.

A member of West End United Methodist Church, I enjoy gardening, watching foreign films -- primarily French and Japanese ones -- and listening to jazz.  (I like all jazz-from the Big Band era to free form.) Most of all, I enjoy the time spent with my husband (a heartless Anglophile), our son, Richard, and with parents, siblings, friends, and students.