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Student and Alumni Reflections

Studying history at Belmont University has allowed me to become a stronger critical thinker. Having the ability to read into situations rather than drawing a straight conclusion has been a wonderful skill that will benefit me throughout my educational journey. With being an accounting and finance major, this new skill has also allowed me to have a competitive advantage with my peers when applying for full-time positions.


– Zachary Workman, Accounting and Finance 


As an Entertainment Industry Studies major, most of my classes are centered around the Music industry. Although I have enjoyed my specialized course load at Belmont as an EIS major, one of my favorite classes was my History class, a general education course known as "The History of the Wild West." Liberal arts classes are so important for every student because they are never outdated. These courses, especially at Belmont University, create a positive environment for students by enabling a life of learning and growth, both professional and personal. They are a creative outlet for students of all majors and should remain a priority at all Universities.


 – Ella Fernandez, Entertainment Industry Studies


As a Business Administration major it may seem odd that I’ve chosen to fill so many credit hours with liberal arts classes and in particular- History. The truth is history, no matter how ancient, is always relevant. My history classes at Belmont have given me broader cultural understanding which is crucial in our global business environment today. As is often said “history repeats itself” and “hindsight is 20/20” so I truly believe all students should have an understanding of our past and use it to inform their futures!


– Katie Vasilopoulos, Business Administration


I came to Belmont University to study and pursue music, but I am so glad I switched to a History degree my junior year.  I became a more effective writer, learned how to read and think critically, developed wonderful relationships with the Faculty and students, and discovered more about the complex world around me. I am so grateful for my Liberal Arts education as I move forward into adult life!


-- Alex DaCruz, History


As a Belmont History major, I learned to read, write, and love good stories—lots of them. My professors challenged me to think critically and creatively, and always encouraged me to engage my intellect and imagination to explore the past. Throughout the program, I learned to embrace the complex and subjective, to empathize with others’ experiences, and to find joy in curiosity.

– Jordan Heykoop, History