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Our Alumni

Matt Dotson - beBelmont

Matthew Dotson, Belmont alumnus 2009, has proven himself as a strong student, athlete, and community leader. Dotson’s name appeared on the Dean’s List throughout his years at Belmont, he presented his original research at the 2009 Belmont Undergraduate Research Symposium, and was awarded the 2009 Outstanding Graduating Senior Award by the History Department.  In addition, Dotson competed in 3 NCAA Division 1 Basketball Tournaments as a member of Belmont’s Men’s Basketball team. He currently teaches Government and U.S. History and coaches at Hickman County High School in Centerville, Tennessee, and serves his church as an Associate Minister.
Matthew continues to engage and transform the world as an educator, coach, and church leader in his community. This is how Matthew Dotson is Belmont.

What our alumni have to say....
Leslie McClure

The History Program at Belmont University had an enormous impact on my academic career both as an undergraduate and graduate student. As an undergraduate, the History Program equipped me with the skills necessary to conduct scholarly research, to augment my abilities as an academic writer, and to present my work to colleagues in the academic world. The faculty in Belmont's History Department worked closely with me to prepare me for graduate-level work and to open the doors for graduate programs in the future. I entered the History Program unsure about my specific area of interest, and I left the program a student of Latin American and Iberian history. The program helped me to make the most of my experience at Belmont University and to shape my future in historical studies.

-Leslie McClure

Collen Kelley

Studying history at Belmont was a great experience.  I started as a History minor - but after taking a few classes with such amazing professors, I decided to add History as a double major.  Through my History classes, I gained an understanding of various world cultures and historical events.  I also had the opportunity to study my favorite historical period in-depth - Civil War and Reconstruction.  In addition, my experience as a Belmont History major prepared me with the analytical skills and writing skills necessary to succeed in graduate school.  These skills have given me an incredible advantage in law school and I am certain they will continue to serve me well as an attorney.

-Colleen Kelley

Meghan Fall

The History courses I took at Belmont were definitely my favorites.  The Belmont professors taught in such a way that they immersed me into their subject and encouraged me to pursue it further.

-Meghan Fall