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A health care provider's ability to react effectively is one of the most critical factors in creating a positive outcome in medical treatment. This skill is one learned and developed with time, training, practice, and repetition.  Today, advances in technology have created new and better methods for teaching the practice of medicine and reinforcing best practices. One of the most exciting innovations in health care is in the field of medical simulation. Employing simulation is helping to move medical training from the old "see one, do one, teach one" method to a "see one, practice many, do one" model for success.  

In the Gordon E. Inman College of Health Sciences & Nursing, teachers are utilizing state-of-the-art facilities to provide expert multidisciplinary healthcare training, using a variety of interactive human patient simulators and manikins to give clinicians the opportunity to learn, rehearse and perfect procedures from the simple to the highly complex.

The Healthcare Simulation Center is meeting a need in the wider healthcare community for educational facilities that simulate realistic health care environments. Nashville’s numerous hospitals provide excellent clinical experiences, but there’s no guarantee every student will have the same experience and preparation.  With standardized clinical scenarios using simulation, Belmont educators can determine those clinical situations that are critical for all students to know, and have the students show competency by successfully completing the scenarios.  The Center provides a real world learning environment, creates deliberate partnerships between practice and education, supports innovation and adaptability, and provides an integrated, multidisciplinary approach.

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